Celebrities You Had No Idea Went To The Same High School

Photo: Getty Images

High school is some of the most formative four years of a young person's life. Before they were starring in blockbuster movies, producing or singing some of the biggest world's biggest hit songs, and dropping jaws in lavish gowns on red carpets, celebrities were finding themselves in high school just like us. In fact, some celebrities even attended the same high schools back in the day. Everyone from rappers Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes to actress Zendaya and Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas reportedly walked through the exact same schoolyards together.

We've rounded up all of your favorite celebrities who you had no idea went to the same high school. Some of the actors, singers, rappers, directors, and socialites in the following gallery were actually good friends while attending high school and others merely passed each other through the halls.

Some of these A-listers would go on to work together in Hollywood or rub elbows on the red carpet, and others seem so random you would have never linked them together in the first place (which is what's so great, and awful, about high school). Keep scrolling to find out which celebrities went to the same high schools.

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