South Carolina Man Scores $100,000 Lottery Prize

Photo: Getty Images

Sometimes you just have a feeling that something good is about to happen. For one man in South Carolina, he knew that the lottery ticket he had just purchased was a winner. Fortunately for him, he was right.

The Midlands man, who chose to remain anonymous, recently tried his hand in the lottery, picking up a Powerball ticket from the Quick Stop #5 on West Columbia Avenue in Batesburg. According to a release from the South Carolina Education Lottery, he was confident that the ticket would prove to be lucky.

"I knew right away I won," he said.

The ticket he purchased was a combination of numbers he chose and a quick pick for the rest. When it came time for the drawing on April 18, he beat the 1 in over 910,000 odds and matched four of the first five numbers drawn as well as the red Powerball number.

When asked what he and his wife plan to do with the prize, they told lottery officials they hope to get some work done on their house and to give some of the winnings to their church. But just because the man has already won the lottery once, doesn't mean he won't try again.

"And yes, I'm going to continue to play," he said.

If the lucky winner were to score another prize, he would join the growing list of other winners who have managed to hit the jackpot more than once, including one lucky man who has scored three major lottery prizes.

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