This Is South Carolina's Best Sports Bar

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With both college football and NFL starting back up, as well as MLS soccer wrapping up and NHL preparing to hit the ice for the upcoming season, there are plenty of games to keep up with and what better spot to catch your favorite team that at a sports bar?

Using reviews, recommendations, awards and word of mouth, Mashed searched the country to find the best sports bar in each state, from longtime favorites to bars owned by former sports stars.

So what is South Carolina's best sports bar?

Moe's Crosstown Tavern

Located in Charleston, Moe's Crosstown Tavern promises "excellent food, great drinks, and a welcoming atmosphere," according to its website. Enjoy an outing with friends as you watch your must-see matchup, rack up a few games of pool or simply grab a bite to eat.

Moe's Crosstown Tavern is located at 714 Rutledge Avenue in Charleston.

Here's what Mashed had to say:

"Root for your favorite sports team on the numerous TV screens at Moe's Crosstown Tavern, a friendly sports bar in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, where all the locals gather on game day. Sports fans of all teams and players are welcome here, with practically every major sports league playing year-round here. Moe's food menu serves up delicious bar grub necessities from buffalo tenders to fish n' chips to jalapeño poppers There are also great happy hour deals."

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