This Restaurant Has The 'Absolute Best' Ribs In South Carolina

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The South is known for many things, including its style of barbecue which varies depending on the region. From tangy Memphis- and Carolina-style barbecue to the smoky flavor of Texas-style dishes, you can find delicious barbecue platters basically anywhere you go.

Mashed compiled a list of the "absolute best" ribs available in each state, and, according to the site, Midwood Smokehouse nabbed the top spot for South Carolina.

According to the site, customers can't get enough of Midwood's menu, especially its Saint Louis Style Pork Ribs, which are available half rack or full slab and served either dry or with a sauce. They are also available in a combo platter alongside the restaurant's other smoked favorites. Midwood Smokehouse has several locations in the Carolinas. Find your nearest location at the restaurant's website.

Here's what Mashed had to say about the "absolute best" ribs in South Carolina:

"According to The Charlotte Weekly, Midwood Smokehouse derives its unique style from a myriad of different traditions. This unique approach to barbecue, paired with a passion for great meals, puts Midwood Smokehouse on South Carolina's culinary map for sure.
Customer reviews rave about the sides, tender brisket, and chicken, but there's a remarkable amount of praise reserved for the fall-off-the-bones ribs (via TripAdvisor). Pair some tender ribs with a tangy mustard sauce, and you'll understand."

Check out Mashed's full list to see the restaurant in each state that serves up the best ribs.

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