This Bakery Has The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies In South Carolina

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For a sweet tooth, nothing is better than a warm cookie fresh out of the oven. That's why chocolate chip cookies are one of the most popular treats in the country.

Tasting Table searched bakeries around the country to compile a list of the best chocolate chip cookies available in each state, from cookies with a crunch to gooey morels overloaded with chocolate chunks.

So which bakery in South Carolina has the best chocolate chip cookies?

Silver Spoon Bake Shop

Located in Columbia, this bakery serves the best of the best when it comes to chocolate chip cookies with its rich take on the classic treat.

Silver Spoon Bake Shop is located at 2507 Devine Street in Columbia.

Here's what Tasting Table had to say:

"Silver Spoon Bake Shop is a local, neighborhood bakery that caters to the community of Columbia, South Carolina. Every Wednesday, a pre-order menu is posted at 8:00 p.m. and customers are able to pick up their goodies the following Friday between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. The chocolate chip cookies are a fan favorite, and they are packed full of rich chocolate chips that complement the soft and butter batter.
Some other sweet selections offered at Silver Spoon Bake Shop include macarons, tea cakes, and cupcakes. That said, many items tend to sell out, so it is important to place an order as soon as the menu drops."

Check out Tasting Table's full list to see the best chocolate chip cookies in the country.

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