This Is The Best Sandwich In South Carolina

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Sandwiches come in many shapes and varieties sure to please, from Philly cheesesteaks in the the northeast and cubanos popular in Florida to fish sandwiches and lobster rolls made with the freshest seafood for the tastiest bite.

Food and Wine searched the country for the "icons and legends" of sandwiches that have "stood the test of time," compiling a list of the best sandwich you can find in each state, including an ever-popular meal in South Carolina. While "sandwich" can be a broad term, the site narrowed down the category by eliminating burgers, hot dogs, burritos and tacos as well as barbecue (for the most part).

According to Food and Wine, the best sandwich to get in South Carolina is a fried fish or pork chop sandwich from Dave's Carry-Out in Charleston. Here's what writers had to say:

"A bare bones counter joint, Dave's is known well to locals for fried shrimp and the locally-favored red rice; it's also home to one of the finest sandwiches for many a mile — fish or pork chop, take your pick. Both will be battered, dragged through the fryer, and served sizzling hot on spongey white bread, with nothing other than lettuce and tomato for garnish. Sprinkle a little hot sauce, and you're in fine dining territory."

Check out Food and Wine's full list to see all the tastiest sandwiches around the country.

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