South Carolina Grocery Store Named The Best In The Entire State

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Everyone has a go-to grocery store that becomes a favorite thanks to the quality of service, fresh produce, or the unique hidden gems placed among the shelves. From local markets to household names known across the country, there is an extensive set of options to choose from to pick up the ingredients for your next meal.

Daily Meal compiled a list of the best grocery store in each state — with results ranging from local markets and supermarkets to membership-only warehouse clubs and grocers — evaluating the options through criteria like stock, innovation, value and contribution to the community. Though some well-known national chains are included in the fray, and in fact are a popular stop in several states, they each only appear once on the list. Additionally, convenience stores, farmers markets and technology-based shops were not included in the evaluations.

According to the site, the best grocery store in South Carolina is the one-of-a-kind Boulineau's IGA Grocery Store. Here's what the Daily Meal had to say:

"Boulineau's IGA Grocery Store in Cherry Grove, South Carolina, is as much a tourist destination as a grocery store. Established in 1948, the shopping mecca spans four city blocks and has 175,000 square feet of retail space — including an ice cream parlor, gas station, hardware store, car wash, restaurant, laundromat, and gift shop. At its entrance is a spiffy-looking faux lighthouse, too. The grocery store is known for having practically anything you need at an affordable price. Departments include a full-service deli, a seafood department featuring locally caught seafood, an in-store bakery, a meat department that makes sausages from scratch, fresh produce, an abundant supply of natural-organic-gluten-free options, and a cafe with an ocean view. For added fun, their cash registers have full-sized surfboard decorations to keep the store's beach theme."

Check out the full list at to see the best grocery store in each state.

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