How to Avoid Sex Offenders While Trick or Treating in South Carolina

The State of South Carolina is again requiring that all sex offenders stay inside their residence with outside lights off and are not permitted to give out trick-or-treat candy on Halloween.

Pete O'Boyle, spokesman for the Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services, stated that the requirement for sex offenders to remain inside is from 5:30-9pm on Halloween night October 31st, and it is statewide. Some counties will require sex offenders to go to a central location and be supervised during Halloween for several hours.

Last year these same requirements were in place and officials checked more than 350 homes and made more than 150 phone calls in attempts to keep children safe.

Avoid trick-or-treating at houses with outside lights off, the large majority of people handing out candy will have their lights on anyways.

Here are some more safety tips for Halloween night:

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