Bridget Trammel - CEO of The Health Dare

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Bridget Trammel

Bridget Trammell is the owner and founder of The Health Dare, who began this multi-million dollar health coaching business as a penniless single Mom of two. Her 80 lb weight loss, contagious enthusiasm, and “Vitamin L” culture is what drives the company as they transform the lives of their clients. Her vision is larger than life, and is surpassed only by her heart to help others. Bridget holds a Master’s degree in Education, and a Health Coaching certification. Bridget manages and oversees all company operations and needs, surveys and opens new markets, and is constantly working on product development. Her goal is to solve the health crisis in America through preventative nutrition education, one client at a time. She is the genius behind the development of the 90-day program, the author of all Health Dare materials and publications, and personally manages all of her office locations with passion. The Health Dare is infamous for the culture of love both for clients and employees, and Bridget fiercely protects this philosophy as her company continues to dominate the east coast.

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The Health Dare

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What is The Health Dare?  It is a 90 Day Cellular Health program that is reversing symptoms of Obesity, Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Sleep Apnea and IBS in just a few weeks! And it’s easy! No hormones, gimmicks, or pills; just a whole lot of accountability, knowledge, and support. This is not your typical weight loss program!

The Health Dare uses the three-fold approach of the Hourglass Theory to help individuals change the direction of their health on a cellular level. We are changing the world through preventative nutrition education, one client success story at a time