Jen Rogers - PAALS

Jen Rogers

Jen has over twenty-six years of combined professional experience with marine mammal, zoo, equine, and assistance dogs training and therapeutic programs. She is the founder and executive director of PAALS, the only Assistance Dog International (ADI) accredited based program in the state of South Carolina. She has a BS in Biology from Rutgers University and is a graduate of the National Education of Assistance Dog programs, and AZA Management of Enrichment and Training programs. During her time working with exotic animals she was part of a team who developed internationally recognized standards for training and implemented facility wide enrichment programs. She also worked along researchers for projects on social behavior, field population studies, and physiology of marine mammals. Jen is certified in Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association, EAGALA, as a horse specialist.J en is also a founding board member of Animal Assisted Intervention International, AAII that evolved from her work on ADI’s committee for animal assisted interventions.She has created and implemented animal assisted intervention programs for children in summer camps, after school programs, at-risk youth, soldiers with PTSD, and incarcerated individuals and has presented internationally on standards for these programs.She is a mentor for trainers at the Animal Behavioral College and a recipient of the South Carolina Veterinary Association’s Humanitarian Award of the year for her work in serving people with disabilities through her work with service dogs and community programs. Jen is also on the ADI North American board of directors.