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Jack Kudale - Cowbell Cyber

Jack Kudale is the Founder & CEO of Cowbell Cyber , the industry’ s first

AI-powered cyber insurance provider that aims to make cyber insurance

accessible to all businesses. Cowbell Cyber makes cyber insurance easy and

delivers customized, standalone cyber policies with robust coverages that

deliver financial protection against all flavors of cyber incidents including

data breaches, ransomware attacks, and cybercrime. Our policies are

bundled with risk assessments, risk insights, cybersecurity awareness

programs and free-of-charge risk management services to help businesses

eliminate their cyber risk exposures.

Jack brings 25 years of business experience, having led 3 venture-backed

Silicon V alley cybersecurity and data analytics startups after a long stint as an

executive in charge of distribution at a Fortune 500 software company . Jack

is a frequent speak er at industry events covering topics such as the future of

cyber insurance and the use of AI and technology to enable continuous

underwriting for cyber .

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